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Let us take you back to the beginning: in 1960, Becel® began as an alternative to existing margarines and butter. We launched it in Canada in 1978 as the first and only soft, non-hydrogenated margarine and it remains the country’s #1 brand. But how do we make it?

We use plant-based oils pressed from Canadian-grown canola seeds, as well as oil from sunflower seeds. Each has its own unique qualities and, by blending them to help create soft non-hydrogenated margarine, we combine a great taste with good fats.

We blend the oils with buttermilk powder and natural flavours to create a delicious buttery taste. We also add a few other ingredients, including a pinch of salt (which boosts flavour and acts as a natural preservative) and vitamins A and D, to create margarine ideal for cooking, baking, roasting, sautéing, and grilling. In fact, Becel® margarine can replace butter 1:1 in any recipe, providing irresistible flavour with 80 per cent less saturated fat than butter. See: it’s not as complicated as you might think.

Did you know that you can make a kind of 'homemade margarine' with ingredients including canola and sunflower oils, cream and carrot juice that you can find at your local market? It’s simple and delicious.

Since the beginning, we have had an unwavering commitment to heart health innovation and education. We’re also always working hard to create new products that use wholesome ingredients, like our Becel® with Avocado Oil margarine. We remain devoted to inspiring Canadians to live with heart by eating better, staying active, and making the most of every day.

Want more information about specific Becel® blends and their nutritional profiles? Visit our product pages.

Note: Our Becel® Olive Oil margarine uses olive oil as a substitute for sunflower oil, while our Becel®Avocado Oil margarine substitutes it for avocado oil. As for Becel® Light, Salt-Free and pro.activ®, their recipes vary slightly to help meet different dietary needs or preferences. For more information on the ingredients included in each of these products, visit our product pages.