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Introduction to Becel in a few lines

Becel is Canada’s #1 brand of margarine* and is crafted with heart-healthy, Canadian-grown canola oil to deliver better-for-you options with exceptional flavour and outstanding performance. Becel has been a staple in Canadians' kitchens for over 40 years. Whether it's a freshly toasted bagel to start your day, eggs scrambled to perfection for a simple lunch, or a batch of delightfully soft and chewy cookies, treat your family to that iconic Becel taste you know and love. Ideal for cooking, baking, or spreading.

*Nielsen MarketTrack, National GB+DR+MM, latest 52 weeks ending July 17 2021, Total Yellow Fats


Enjoy the benefits

  • Simple swap: substitute in a 1:1 ratio for butter
  • Made with plant-based oils, contains 80% less saturated fat than dairy butter
  • Good for heart health: contains no trans-fat, no cholesterol, and is a source of Omega-3
  • Contains no artificial preservatives, flavours or colours.
  • Easy-to-use tub format perfect for spreading, cooking, baking, topping, roasting, sautéing & grilling.
    Its so easy to use
  • Use 1:1 for butter in most recipes. Spread on bread for hot or cold sandwich applications. Bake into perfect cookies, cakes, muffins, frostings and more.
  • Works great in pancake, crepe and waffle batters when melted.
  • Toss with pasta, scrambled eggs, glaze fresh steamed vegetables, or fold into creamy comforting mashed potatoes.
  • When melted, makes a great marinade for meats and other proteins
  • Add a spoonful when cooking grains like rice or quinoa to bring out richness and flavour.

At Becel®, we spread the quality around. A life lived with heart starts by making better-for-you choices, like eating right. That’s why all our products start with a blend of plant-based oils.

Spreads l Made with plant-based quality ingredients
Plant-based bricks : The perfect 1:1 swap for butter