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Canadians have a global reputation for being kind-hearted people. 1 We see examples of this every day, from neighbours shoveling an older person’s sidewalk to a friend baking a cake for a loved one in need.

For over 40 years, Becel has had Canadian hearts top-of-mind. Since 1978 we have been working hard to create products that use wholesome, plant-based ingredients.

The heart is the body's engine room. And we remain committed to inspiring Canadians to adopt heart healthier lifestyles by eating better, staying active, and doing good in the world.






Food choices can have both a positive and negative impact on heart health. According to Canada’s Dietary Guidelines for Health Professionals and Policy Makers, almost half of all deaths from cardiovascular disease in Canada in 2017 were attributed to dietary risks, including not eating enough nutritious foods like fruits and vegetables.2,3


A healthy diet can help reduce the risk of developing heart disease by: 4


  • Improving cholesterol levels
  • Decreasing blood pressure
  • Helping to manage body weight
  • Controlling blood sugar


As part of a heart healthy diet, eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, and choose foods that are:


  • Free of trans fats
  • Made with unsaturated fats
  • Lower in salt and sugars
  • High in dietary fibre

A healthy diet with lower levels of saturated fat and trans fat may reduce the risk of heart disease. Becel® margarines are low in saturated fat and do not contain trans fat.” 5




Keeping our body in strong physical shape is great for our heart. Managing weight through a healthy diet and staying active through regular exercise are some of the surest ways to help maintain heart health. Not sure where to begin? Consider a charity bike ride, fun run, or going for walks with a friend.


Aside from diet and physical activity, research shows that doing good in the world can help manage your stress levels and improve emotional wellbeing.6


This is why Becel is celebrating kind-hearted Canadians - kind hearts are strong hearts and strong hearts do more good.


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