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When most of us consider happiness, we think in big-picture terms: buying a house, falling in love, building a family, getting a dream job, and so on. Those goals matter, but so do the little things. Do you have enough happiness in your daily life? Well, you can always have a bit more. Try our eight tips to get happy in 10 minutes or less.

1. Phone a friend

You connect with friends frequently via text or social media, but when was the last time you picked up the phone to chat? We try to do it regularly. It may sound like an old timey thing to do, though it will heighten your connection with the person on the other line, bringing joy to both of you.

2. Break routine

Everyone gets trapped in their regular routines. Wake, work, binge-watch TV, sleep, with a bit of eating in between. To break free, we suggest giving a new hobby or pastime a shot. Take a dance lesson, try an improv class, go for a hike, visit a gallery, see a play, or pursue anything else that piques your curiosity.

3. Go to a playground

As a rule, if it makes kids smile, you will likely get a kick out of it. None of us are ever too old for a swing set. Grab a couple friends and hit the park.

4. Talk to strangers

How often to you pass neighbours silently in the hallway or on your street? When you hit the shop, do you go to the self-scanning aisle, tap your card, and move on without uttering a word? A simple “hello” to a stranger can brighten your day—and theirs.

5. Get moving, get active

Okay, so this may not sound particularly fun; just trust us: getting active releases endorphins which will give you a fast dose of happiness. And don’t be intimidated; being active doesn’t mean that you need to sign-up for a gym membership or grueling bootcamp.

6. Get baking

Baking is scientifically proven to increase happiness , so why not try a new recipe? Bonus: you can eat your feelings…in a good way.

7. Get outside

Sunlight will instantly boost your mood (or brighten your spirits)! Couple that with physical activity and watch your happiness grow. This can mean playing a sport, going for a stroll, or simply settling onto a park bench with a good book.

8. Spend time with loved ones

The term "loved one" should be self-explanatory: you care about your friends and family because they make you happy. So, why not spend a bit more time with them? Don’t put it off any longer.

See, how long did that take to read? We bet you’re happier already.