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In February 2018 Becel® launched PLNT, a plant-based dining experience where everything inside – from the décor to the server’s uniforms – was made entirely from plant-based materials.

Open for just three days, PLNT sprouted up in the middle of Toronto’s concrete jungle, transforming Front and Simcoe Streets into a plant-based oasis.

For PLNT we developed a vegan mushroom wellington recipe using Becel® Vegan and different types of mushrooms cut into varying sizes to give the dish texture and a heartiness.

Research undertaken by Becel® has found that while one in two (48 per cent) Canadians are interested in plant-based eating, many are worried that it is too expensive (56 per cent) and rigid (43 per cent).

Becel® is showing consumers that plant-based eating doesn’t have to be bland or boring. Becel® hopes to inspire Canadians to try plant-based eating for themselves with PLNT.

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