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We’re a brand that believes kind hearts are strong hearts. And strong hearts do more good. So, we’re recognizing Canadians who are doing good at a time when the world needs them most by donating $1,000 a day to a different community-focused initiative across the country, and celebrating each recipient on our social channels.  We started this effort on April 20 and it will continue through the month of May.

Below are some of the kind-hearted Canadians we’ve recognized so far.

We hope you’re inspired by the good deeds of others as much as we are. It’s the little things we can do for others that make a world of difference.

Kelli Hanson
Julie Seaborn
Dean Renwick
Neigbourhood Window Walk
Toronto Little Free Pantries
Erin Michell
Thuy Ha
Erin Michell
Erin Michell
Erin Michell
Erin Michell
Erin Michell
Erin Michell
Erin Michell
Ultimate Protection Kits for Seniors
HOPE Outreach
Rose-Ann Normandeau
Joy4All project
Sikh Community of Montreal
Mercimeals Mtl
Yegna Ethiopian Restaurant
Rachelle Leblanc
NL Eats
Railway North
Building Up
Restaurant Patates Plus
Jason Rochon
Michael Scissons
Generations Diner
Sackville Food Bank
Big Bike Giveaway
Feed The Frontlines
Food4Kids Halton

*No submission required. Selection of Individuals and/or organizations based on internet research and made at Upfield’s discretion. While only some of the many kind-hearted actions can be selected, we applaud all those who are doing something wonderful for someone else. The daily donations can be expected through May. We reserve the right to modify, suspend or terminate the program at any time. 

Amounts are being provided as gifts and not in exchange for any services.  Recipients should consult with their tax advisor. Upfield Canada Inc. has permission to use all names and likeness, and photographs, images, included on this page.