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You may already know that Becel® margarine is made with plant-based oils, but did you also know that those oils provide essential nutrients? And that’s just one reason we think you need more plants in your life. We've got three more for you:

1. Beautify your room and your spirits

Houseplants can brighten a room and improve your mood, making your space cozier and transforming a house (or apartment) into a home. And, unlike cut flowers, they can last for a very long time, growing as your space or family evolves. Just don’t forget to water them (we know from experience).

2. They bring out your caring side

Whether you’re a green thumb with a lifetime of plant practice or you’re picking up your first potted pal for a new apartment, taking care of another living organism will instill compassion and a sense of responsibility. Bonus: like a yoga class or an ambient playlist, tending to it can have a calming effect.

3. You can clear the air... literally

Plants are amazing: with a little sunlight and water, they can even enhance a room through photosynthesis (think back to high school science here) and turn carbon dioxide into oxygen. We like to think of them as family members that love to do chores.

So, now you know why you should include more plants in your life; how do you do it? Use them in your home decorating, set one up on your desk at work, or incorporate more plant-based foods into your daily diet with products like Becel®. Need a recipe? Look no further: we’ve got you covered.