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We know that life has a way of getting crowded. Wherever you live, from a bachelor apartment to a sprawling house or anything in between, you inevitably find ways to fill it up. Take a look around – is it time to declutter? By streamlining the things that surround you, you’ll refresh your home and your mind at the same time. Need more convincing? We have four reasons for you to take stock and clean up.

1. It gives you a chance to reminisce

Everyone gets caught up in the daily grind. Taking the occasional moment to look back at keepsakes is an opportunity to revisit fond memories and to share that joy with roommates or family members.

2. Prioritization and inspiration

Are you saving a certain item for a "someday" that might never happen or have you forgotten why you wanted it in the first place? By considering that question, you can separate your "wants" from your “needs” and make definitive choices about what to save and what to wave farewell to.

Also, this process can inspire you to finally begin or restart a long-forgotten project. Ready to finally sew that new button on an old shirt? Time to complete that half-finished photobook? Get going or get purging.

3. Renewed appreciation

Rediscovering and reevaluating what you have will give you a new appreciation for the things you hold on to, enhancing their value and what they mean to you.

4. It's a great way to give back

Tidying will unearth plenty of unnecessary possessions that could prove invaluable to the less fortunate. This is your chance to donate to a local secondhand shop or shelter, giving your unused or unwanted items a good new home. Expand this to your pantry and kitchen as well (hello, non-perishables). Not only will you feel good, others will benefit - and that’s a wonderful way to live with heart.

Decluttering takes plenty of work, but take it from us: it will pay off in the long run. Why not start right... now?