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Eating a nutritious, healthy meal in your home can lead to greater wellbeing, though that’s just the beginning. Fun fact: spending time at home can also raise happiness levels – who knew? We believe it’s not always what you eat, but where you eat it and who you eat it with.

Sure, we love getting outside, exploring, and experiencing new things, though sometimes what we really need is more time with family and friends. We can all benefit from spending a night in. With busy schedules and diverse interests, getting your crew together can prove challenging. The key? Incorporate a variety of activities to keep everyone engaged. Here’s a bit of inspiration:

1. Are you game?

Do pass "Go" and dust off a board game for a games night with pals; no board-flipping allowed.

2. Get crafty

Sharpen those pencils, grab your scissors, and DIY.

3. Bake the most out of it

Oven mitts, check! Spatula, check! Margarine, check! Perfectly soft and chewy cookie recipe, check!

4. Get into a jam

Tune up that guitar and turn up the volume, it’s time to get together and play music with friends (or just play Rock Band).

5. Sporty nice

You shoot, you score! Your backyard is a perfect place to get active. We suggest a spirited game of driveway hoops or family football.

Now put down your phones, turn off your computer, ignore those late-night work emails, and step on the brakes. These near-constant distractions can undermine your happiness. When you’re with your family and friends, be present and in the moment. Trust us, you’ll see a positive improvement in your wellbeing.


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